Information in English

Planning a trip from abroad to Retrospillmessen? How awesome! You should know that travelling to Norway is very safe, and most local talk English fluent.

If you have any questions at all while planning your stay, or during, please do contact us via facebook (, via e-mail or by calling Jan Olav Hegvik +47 977 50 047.

Travel and hotel

The convention is held in the town of Sandefjord, in the Vestfold region. The closest airport is Torp International Airport. Travel from the airport to center of Sandefjord is around 20 minutes by bus or taxi.

Most of our guests stay at Scandic Park Sandefjord. The biggest hotel in Sandefjord. But, several hotels in Sandefjord are available through

The convention is located around 20 minutes from the town center by car. We recommend either grabbing a taxi, or using local busses. These can be located via Google services.

The address of the convention is Runarhallen, Klavenesveien 20.

Competitions and panels

Planning to participate in competitions or tournaments? We recommend having a look at our competitions page. It is in Norwegian, but can easily be translated via Google Translate.

At Retrospillmessen we have a dedicated panel / Q&A room. Most of the panels are in English, and you can find out via our program page which panels are international.